Event at Lady Wootton’s Green

In 2006 the Society erected statues of King Ethelbert of Kent and Bertha on Lady Wootton’s Green, Canterbury. It was during Ethelbert’s reign that St Augustine came to Canterbury on a mission from Rome to bring back Christianity. Bertha was a princess from what is now France. On 14 July 2022 a new educational story board was unveiled at the Green. It tells the history of the Green from the days of Ethelbert and Bertha to the present. 14 July is the French national day. It was therefore apt that the Franco-Kentish alliance was recalled on that day. Those attending the ceremony included Michael Steed, the President of the Society; Will Jones, the artist of the story board; Simon Gasston, the brother of the late Polly Coburn whose donation funded the board; and Martin Taylor, a former trustee of the Society.

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