Canterbury Commemoration Society

Canterbury Commemoration Society

Canterbury Commemoration Society

The Grade Two listed Canterbury West station (1846), once connected to the pioneering Canterbury-Whitstable (‘Crab and Winkle’) line of 1830


The citizens of Canterbury are doubly blessed: they inhabit a place of undoubted charm, and they inherit a colourful heritage that reaches back over two millennia. The physical and cultural attractions of the modern city are obvious; less so the historical pillars on which they stand.

We believe that in an age of unprecedented change, a sense of where we have come from offers personal and civic security, a reassuring reference point in an uncertain present.

To this end, our Society seeks to increase awareness of Canterbury’s remarkable past, in all its variety, and thereby enrich the lives of all who live in or visit this historic city.

As you will see on the projects page, we are managing or supporting a number of memorial and heritage projects. These include a Whitstable Harbour Model Project, an All Tudor Martyrs Project, and a Christopher Marlowe statue.

The society has recently joined forces with the team at A is for Aphra to get a statue of the groundbreaking playwright, poet and spy Aphra Behn in Canterbury – her hometown. Read more about the campaign and the legend that is Aphra here. Don’t forget to donate.

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