Canterbury Commemoration Society

Aims and Objectives

The Canterbury Commemoration Society (registered charity no. 1057977) was founded in June 1996 with these objectives:

  1. to advance public education in the events and people in Canterbury’s history; and
  2. to preserve, protect, develop, and improve features of aesthetic, artistic or historical interest in Canterbury.

We seek to achieve these through:

  1. Developing new memorials on our own.
  2. Acting as a hub and support for groups that seek to develop other memorials.
  3. Representing the views of the community, in conjunction with others, when developments that relate to the City’s heritage are proposed.
  4. Acting as a non-political pressure group on issues that relate to our objectives.

‘Canterbury’ in the Society’s constitution covers the post-1974 area of the city (embracing Whitstable, for example), not just its historic core.