Canterbury Commemoration Society

Projects Under Consideration

  • A memorial to Mary Tourtel, the creator of Rupert Bear. The Westgate Gardens has been suggested as suitable venue for a piece that would have special appeal to children.
  • A memorial to St Augustine and his 597 AD mission to convert the Anglo-Saxons of southern England to the Christian faith. The Abbey that bears his name is in ruins – shouldn’t he have a more substantial memorial?
  • A World War II Canterbury Blitz Peace Memorial linking our tragedy to those of other cities around the world. The modern city of Canterbury rose from the ashes of that largely destroyed by the 1942 raid. The Peace Memorial would link the suffering of Canterbury’s citizens to those of countless others in cities around the world.
  • A memorial to Wat Tyler, the controversial folk hero who led the 1381 Peasants’ Revolt against the Poll Tax from Canterbury. This might be a somewhat political suggestion (especially with its modern overtones), but Wat certainly played a key role in our nation’s history.
  • A memorial to the North African scholar Adrian (aka Hadrian), who arrived in England in 669, and Theodore of Tarsus, the Cilicia-born (modern-day Turkey) priest who was consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury in 668. The choice would be a welcome and timely reminder of the city’s multi-national heritage.